In an effort to start blogging regularly again (I’ve been so busy lately that all non-critical things have been sadly neglected) I just want to direct some attention to the new European office of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Even though Europe, compared to many other regions of the world, is a pretty good place to be in for journalists, bloggers and ordinary people, there are serious threats on the horizon. Threats that challenge the personal freedoms and the very basic fundamental rights that we have taken for granted for decades ? if not centuries. In a time when the EU, and national governments, all across the European continent (among them, my own Swedish government) is busy drafting legislation that will, for example, permit extensive wiretapping of all electronic communication and give authority to representatives for the film and music industry to police the networks, we are in dire need of a unified civil liberties movement.

My hope is the EFF Europe, with their excellent track-record, can provide our part of the world with valuable resources in the struggle to ensure that the freedoms that have signified European countries since the enlightenment are not taken away from us. We need to talk about these things, debate them and really consider of the profound consequences before letting something like IPRED2 be turned into law.