I’ve returned from my research trip to Iran, where I’ve been on a month-long research trip, as part of writing my master thesis on Iranian blogs and the public sphere.

This trip also explains that this blog have been so eerily quiet for some time. I decided not to blog about this project — and I even went as far as removing the posts I’d already made on the subject. I apologize for any confusion. This was of course due to security concerns, both my own and for that of my interviewees. I preferred to stay under the radar, and better be safe than sorry.

Anyway, I have had a fantastic time in Iran and I return with a great material. I?ve met with so many enthusiastic and inspiring bloggers in Tehran and Esfahan. I wish I could tell you some of the stories I’ve heard…

I’ll be posting some comments and observations as I start to dig more in to my material. Watch this space!