In November 2004 there was a blog forum (Sweden’s first and last?) arranged by IDG. I was there, along with a good part of Sweden’s bloggers, I’m sure.

I had just bought an MP3-player at the time, and recorded the whole thing. Well, not quite actually – I came ten minutes late, so there are a few minutes missing at the start of the conference.

I realize it’s maybe a bit late, but since I have not yet seen the audio posted somewhere else, and I stumbled over the file on my computer just now – I decided to post it. Maybe it’ll make somebody happy.

(The sound kind of sucks, but what to expect from a sub-SEK1000 player with a built-in microphone?)

And yes, I’m sorry all of you English speaking readers – the whole show is in Swedish.

Bloggforum Stockholm 2004 (MP3-audio, 80:38 min, 37 Mb)
Bloggforum Stockholm 2004 (Streaming version of the same file)