News stories on Internet Governance are few and very far between. After I wrote a short posting the other week about the first meeting of the UN Working Group on Internet Governance, I’ve kept my eyes open for any follow-ups in the mainstream media. At lease to my knowledge, there was none.

Rebecca MacKinnon writes an excellent post on this black hole, and remind the readers that another important meeting; part two of WSIS, will be held in Tunis in less than a year from now. Will it be the bloggers who cover it, or will mainstream media be there too?

The question is why these matter have such low priority in the news output? The problem, I believe, is that it’s of only academic interest for us in the west. At some level, we can rely on our societies to provide us with access to the Internet and guarantee our freedom of speech – so we sleep well at night knowing that someone is looking out for us. This is of course not the case globally.