…is according to delegates of the EU something Swedes seem to start each and every sentence with, and then completing it with a monotonous detailed description about how we Swedes supposedly solve everything the right way. Such normativity is usually something I shun. But seriously, I’ve had enough. I can take it no more! Everywhere I look there’s an article about US voting machines breaking down; whole states without paper trails to recount. It just ridiculous! So, I’m going to say it. Hold tight.

In Sweden, we have a system were none of this could happen. We have a system that’s simple, easy and really old-tech. It’s a system that cannot brake, and it leave mistakes to a minimum. You have to be blind, dumb or both to unintentionally vote for a candidate.

This is how it works: You put a piece of paper with the candidates name on it in an envelope. You then put the envelope in a ballot box. Whoa! There are even pre-printed pieces of paper with the candidates names on them.

See. That wasn’t so hard.

Easy-to-understand instructions in English (with illustrations). (PDF)